List Of Countries From Where India Imports Crude Oil

April 28, 2019

India is the world’s third largest oil consumer country. In India, 80% of crude oil and 40% of natural gas needs to be met through imports. In 2018-2019, India imported 22.04 crore tonnes of crude oil from foreign countries. According to the data of the Center for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE), in India in the first 11 months of 2018-19, petroleum worth $ 128.7 billion was imported from abroad. India imports petroleum products from almost 10 countries.
India imports the most crude oil from Saudi Arabia. Here is list of those countries from where India imports crude oil.

Country Price of Import in Billion Dollar Percentage
Saudi Arab 22.4 17.4
Iraq 20.6 16.0
UAE 12.3 9.6
Iran 11.6 9.0
Nigeria 9.5 7.4
Qatar 8.6 6.7
venezuela 6.6 5.1
Kuwait 5.8 4.5
USA 4.7 3.7

India imports crude oil and its purification is done in India. The world’s largest oil refinery factory is in Jamnagar, Gujarat, which belongs to the Reliance Industries.

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