List of More Than 110 Years Old Man In India

May 14, 2018

India is a land full of miraculous powers. There are still many people here who have been more than 110 years old, but they are still healthy. According to a survey, there are about 20,000 elderly people in the age of 100+ years in India. There are some people who are more than 110 years old. Here are the names of some elderly people who have been more than 110 years old as on April 2018.

    • Swami Girijaanand (Haridwar) – 122 years
    • Keshaw Chandra Gupta (Kangra, HP) – 121 years
    • K.M. Mani Sahnkaran (Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala) – 119 years
    • Chitralekha Devi (Bijnaour, UP) – 114 Years
    • Vidyanand Ahir (Banaras, UP) – 113 Years
    • Hashmuddin Ahmad Ansari (Bidar, Karnatak) – 112 Years

If you have an elderly in your neighborhood who is over 110 years of age, then definitely tell us.

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