List Of Top Sportsman Of India

December 25, 2019

Indian is big country. The population of India is more then 11 billions but here is very short list of players which are world famous.

The National game of India is “Hockey”. But popular game of India is “Cricket. Cricket is passion for Indians.

Here is list of top players of India with their field.

(1) Major Dhyanchand – Hockey
(2) Milkha Singh – Race
(3) P.T. Usha – Race
(4) Vishwanath Anand – Chess
(5) Kapil Dev- Cricket
(6) Sachin Tendulkar – Cricket
(7) Mahesh Bhupati – Badminton
(8) Leander Pace – Badminton
(10) Sushil Singh – Wrestling
(11) Vijendra Singh – Boxing
(12) Saina Nehwal – Badminton
(13) Virendra Sahwag – Cricket
(14) Anil Kumble – Cricket
(15) MS Dhoni – Cricket
(16) Virat Kohli – Cricket

These players are legend of India. The Indian can never forget their contribution to sports of India.

Comments (6)

  1. Nasiruddin Shah says:

    Saurav Ganguly is also top player of India.

  2. Rajshekar says:

    if cricket is a religion,sachin is the god of this cricket never forget him.

  3. Rajshekar says:

    Major Dyanchand is the legend of hockey and also he is a great indian.even the german dictator,hitler asked him to represent the germany with an excellent remmuneration,he rejected the proposal.

  4. Rajnikant says:

    sir,when will be next match of india send my email

  5. king says:

    mahesh bhupti and leander paes dont play badminton as mentioned in the article. also pls include sourav ganguly and rahul dravid with gavasker in top players.

  6. Santosh Kumar says:

    There is some other better players in India

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