Maruti Alto, Estilo, WagonR, Eeco and SX4 Will Be CNG.

July 30, 2016

Maruti is the biggest manufacturer of cars in India. Maruti will launch CNG version of its popular car models Maruti Alto, Estilo, WagonR, Eeco and SX4. The CNG cars of Maruti will be launched in second week of August.

The CNG version of above models will be useful for metro cities. The cost for car driving will be go down after launch CNG cars. These cars will be free of pollution.

First Maruti will launch two new versions of its small car Alto on August 4 with a 1.0 litre K-series engine with name AltoK10. The price of AltoK10 will be start from Rs. 3,00,000. Maruti CNG Estilo will start from Rs 330,000 and the prices of other models of CNG car will be little higher than their petrol version model.

The mileage of AltoK10 will be approx 20 km per/ltr. The price of CNG is Rs. 27.50 per liter while petrol is Rs. 54.00 per liter. Think how much you can save the money with CNG cars. You have to pay just half of petrol’s price.

Government should ban petrol cars in metro cities after launch the CNG cars. This will save our money and environment both.

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  1. Sudhir | August 4, 2010
  1. Akhil Yadav, Kanpur says:

    Government should establish CNG center in Kanpur also. If CNG will come in all over of big cities even in capitals of all states then problem of pollution will be decreased.

  2. Rajyawardhan says:

    I am very happy after this great news. I will buy latest LPG version of Maruti Alto.

  3. s gore says:

    No one has tested the actual mileage of CNG Estilo. Company claims 27 km , has any actualy checked how much is the avg km on Highway.

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