Movie Theater Will Be Close Up to June 2021 In India

June 30, 2020

Ever since Corona started spreading like an epidemic in India, the order to close the cinema hall was first issued. First of all, on March 12, 2020, the Kejriwal government of Delhi issued an order to close the cinema hall across Delhi. However, this order was only for 31 March 2020. But a nationwide lock-down was announced from 25 March 2020. After which all cinema theaters in India are closed till date.
The way the corona epidemic is increasing in India, it seems that it may take a long time to open a cinema theater in India.
Cinema in India started in the year 1896. Since then the process of screening of films in India has never stopped. This is the first time in the history of 125 years of cinema in India that no cinema theater is running in India for more than 3 months.
The release date of several major films was postponed in view of the Corona epidemic. But the corona epidemic in India is becoming increasingly widespread. In such a situation, it seems impossible to open a cinema theater in the present situation.
The government believes that unless the corona cases are completely zero, opening the cinema theater in any way will be nothing short of inviting a crisis. Now many experts also say that given the current situation, there is no hope of ending corona disease before March 2019.
If India is completely freed from Corona by March 2019, then the month of April and May of 2019 will be kept as an Observation Month. After that, cinema theaters in India can be expected to open in June 2019.
Prior to this, a film which has been fully prepared, can be released only through internet or television.
The film industry has been badly affected due to Corona. Due to Corona, not only has shooting of films stopped, but film distributors, cinema theater business, other business related to cinema have also come to a standstill. In such a situation, everyone hopes that India can get rid of Corona as soon as possible so that cinema theater can open in India again.

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