New Pay Scale For Niyojit Teachers In Bihar

July 18, 2015

Bihar Government has announced to fix new pay scale to those “Niyojit” teachers, who are recruited in primary, middle, high and secondary high school. The pay scale will be vary by post and school’s level.

The teacher’s associations were demanding equal pay scale for “Niyojit” teachers as senior teachers who are recruited by BPSC. But Bihar government did not agreed on association’s demand.
But, however government become ready to fix new pay scale for “Niyojit” teachers.
The salary on pay scale based will be valid from July 2015.

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  1. Sumit kumar says:

    Teachar salary one by one

  2. kusheshwar yadav says:

    Please provide the pay-scale fixation of primary niyojit teacher in Bihar

  3. Rashmi Kumari says:

    Salary of untrained primary teacher

  4. sheela mandal says:

    What is payment of sheela mandal middle school joining date 18/07/2014.trend teacher tet passed.

  5. raman kumar says:

    respected sir,
    please satisfy me about 7cpc on bihar elemetary teachers that they will be gain the prophit of 7nth pay commission after come in power on state employee.this is my humble request sir please inform me.

  6. plz 7th pay fixations of niyojit teacher with cyber says:

    Plz ask me l am trained basic teacher .What will be my salary.

  7. plz 7th pay fixations of niyojit teacher with cyber says:

    Plz tell me salary of untrained 1-5 tet basic teacher.

  8. MD NAIYAR ALAM says:

    pay fixation slip


    7th pay chart for niyojit in bihar

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