New Pay Scale of Panchayat Teachers After Bihar High Court, Patna Order

November 26, 2019

The Bihar High Court has given a very big decision for Panchayat teachers in Bihar. It has been said in the order that Panchayat teachers should also be given the same salary as the those teachers who has been appointed by BPSC. After this order, there has been an excitement of happiness among the 13.5 lakh teachers of Bihar who were getting honorarium salary till date. After this order, the new pay scale for all the teachers receiving honorarium will now be equal to the pay scales of the old teachers. Those teachers who are now getting honorarium of 18000 will now be entitled to a salary of around Rs 35000. The salary of teachers working in high schools will be approximately Rs. 45000/month. If any teacher is working as headmaster, then his salary will be Rs. 50000/month.
The Government of Bihar says that giving such a higher salary will prove to be a huge burden on the government’s fund. For this, additional expenditure of several thousand crores will be increased, which is not possible. The Bihar government is preparing to go to the Supreme Court against this decision of the High Court. But teachers say that the Constitution has also said that it is giving equal pay for the same work. Therefore, they are entitled to the same pay scale which is already getting the restored teachers.
Many political leaders welcomed the decision of the High Court saying that the Bihar government should respect the High Court’s decision and Panchayat teachers should be given the same salary as the previous teachers.

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