New Shrawani Special Train For Devghar (Baidyanathdham)

July 25, 2018

The month of Holy Shrawan is starting form 28th July 2018. Form 28th July the Kanwar yatra for Babadham , Devghar (Jharkhand) will be start. There are huge number of devotees who go to Babadham for worship of Lord Shiva.
Railway has announced new Shrawani special trains for Devghar via Bhagalpur. Here is time table of those trains.
The special train from Jamalpur To Devghar Via Bhagalpur, Banka

Time Table of Jamalpur- Jasidih Train

Station Departure Time
Jamalpur 9.00 am
Sultanganj 9.32 am
Bhagalpur 10.15 am
Barahat 11.42 am
Banka 1.20 pm
Devghar 4.40 pm
Jasidih 5.00 pm (arrival Time)

Time table of Jasidih – Jamalpur Train

Station Departure Time
Jasidih 5.30 pm
Devghar 5.45 pm
Banka 7.05 pm
Barahat 7.29 pm
Bhagalpur 8.25 pm
Sultanganj 8.50 pm
Jamalpur 9.00 pm (Arrival Time)

The Special train From Grorakhpur To Devghar Via Munger, Bhagalpur, Banka

Time Table of Gorakhpur – Devghar Via Bhagalpur Train

Station Departure Time
Gorakhpur 8.00 pm
Munger 6.15 am
Sultanganj 7.00 am
Bhagalpur 9.30 am
Barahat 11.07 am
Banka 12.55 pm
Devghar 2.30 pm (arrival Time)

Time Table Of Devghar – Gorakhpur Via Bhagalpur Train

Station Departure Time
Devghar 6.10 pm
Banka 7.35 pm
Barahat 8.00 pm
Bhagalpur 9.15 pm
Sultanganj 9.42 pm
Munger 10.40 pm
Gorakhpur 11.22 am (Arrival Time)

The special train from Tatanagar (Jamshedpur) To Jasidih (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday)

  • Departure Time from Tata Nagar – 11.45 pm
  • Arrival time at Jasidih Station – 7.20 am

Train From Agartala To Devghar Via Guwahati, Munger, Bhagalpur, Banka

Time table Of Agartala – Devghar Via Guwahati, Katihar, Munger Bhagalpur Train

(Every Saturday)

Station Departure Time
Agartala 10.00 pm (Sat)
Guwahati 03.00 am (Sun)
Munger 6.30 am (Mon)
Bhagalpur 8.10 am (Mon)
Banka 10.10 am (Mon)
Devghar 1.00 pm (Mon

Time Table Of Devghar – Agartala Via Bhagalpur, Munger, Katihar, Guwahati Train

(Every Monday)


Departure Time
Devghar 6.45 pm (Mon)
Banka 8.20 pm (Mon)
Bhagalpur 10.50 pm (Mon)
Munger 12.15 am (Tues)
Guwahati 3.10 pm (Tues)
Agartala 8.15 am (Wed)

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