New Special Marriage Act For Court Marriage In India

February 5, 2013

Indian Government has announced for abduction in Special Marriage Act 1954 for Court Marriage. This is a gift on Valentine Day occasion to love pair by the Government. By this rule the wishers of love marriage in court will have to submit a notice before 30 days of marriage to the Court.
Earlier the following rules are included in Special Marriage Act 1954 –
* When a marriage is intended to be performed in accordance with the Act, the parties of the marriage shall give notice in writing, in the Form specified in the Second Schedule to the Marriage Officer of the district, where the marriage is going to be solemnized.
* The marriage shall be solemnized after the expiration of thirty days of the notice period that has been published under sub-section of the Act.
* At least one of the parties going to perform the marriage should have resided for a period of not less than thirty days, immediately preceding the date on which the notice for marriage is issued to the registrar.
* The marriage officer is bound to display the notice of the intended marriage, by affixing a copy to some conspicuous place in his office.

But from now , the mandatory for “give prior notice before 30 days to the marriage registrar” has been removed. Now if any body wants marriage to his/her lover in hurry then they can go to court and can get marriage certificate in a single or two days.

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  1. Junaid Parvez says:

    I’m really happy with this news, coz I’m planning for the same.

    But, how can this be confirmed. Can you plz let me know the exact ruling/order passed with specific dates and nos.

  2. vishal kumar says:

    plz give me more information about this act on my email-ID. because i want also take advantage of this “New special marriage act for court marriage in india”

  3. savej ali says:

    New special marriage act for court marriage in indiaā€¯

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