Next Big Sale On Flipkart In May 2020

May 10, 2019

The next sale offer is coming to the online shopping website Flipkart On 21st May to 28th May, 2020. Under this offer, you can buy mobile, household goods, electronic goods and new clothes at less than half price.
Due to lock down the price of mobile goes down. All mobiles of 2019 model are available at 40 to 50% less price.
Under Mobile Segment, you can find many new feature mobile handsets priced at less than Rs 6000, which currently cost over 9000. This time the new mobile phones of Nokia, Samsung and Redmi will also be launched. Samsung is also bringing a buyback offer to its old mobile in exchange offers to buy new mobile. Mobile phones such as Nokia, Redmi, Vivo, LG, Realme, Asus Zenfone, MI etc can be changed under this offer on more than 50% of price.
On the other hand, discounts of up to 40% to 50% will be offered on household goods like LED TV, washing machine, refrigerator, camera, watch, LED bulb, electric iron, thermos, induction pot, induction cookers, water geysers etc. You can also exchange your old TV in taking a new LED TV, under which you will be given an additional rebate of Rs 2000 at the cost of LED TVs. In this offer you can buy here 32″ smart LED TV under Rs. 10,000.
Similarly, in the fashion segment you will find a discounts ranging from 50 to 60% on uni clothes. Also, branded footwear like Adidas, Nike, Puma etc. can also buy shoes at less than Rs. 1000.
The most important thing is that here you can also get the goods without paying any cash, that is, on borrowing. You do not need any debit or no credit card for this. You must tell your address to buy goods without cash. After purchasing borrowed goods you are given approximately 1 month time so that you can pay the value of that item.

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  1. kumar says:

    NICE offers here thank you much
    Thanks for sharing such a good article. This will help New Bloggers Like me

  2. Sony Sharma says:

    How can I purchase a Redmi Mobile on Flipkart in 50% discount?

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