On road price of Hero Bikes in Bhagalpur (Bihar)

September 16, 2019

Hero Glamour

Hero company is the biggest company in two wheeler industry. Two-wheelers of this company are of very good quality. Their engines are very durable and powerful. Whenever you consider buying a two-wheeler, you should always buy a bike or scooter from the Hero Company. The best thing is that the resale value of this company’s bikes is quite good. Even after 15 years, if you sell any bike or scooty of Hero Company, then you will definitely get at least 40% of the purchase price of this bike.
Many bikes and scooters of Hero Company are present in the showroom of Bhagalpur (Bihar). Nowadays, Hero has the highest demand for two bikes.
(1) Hero Glamour
(2) Hero Splendor+

The on road price of Hero Splendor+ is Rs. 72,000 in Bhagalpur. While the on-road price of Hero Glamor Bike Old model in Bhagalpur is Rs 77,000.The on road price of the bike includes the price of the bike, registration fee, insurance fee up to 5 years. In the show room of this company, the bike or scooty is insured through the Tata AIG insurance company. Side stand and sari guard are being given free in the form of accessories in the bike. While leg guards, seat covers, brake covers, etc. will have to be taken separately.
By the way, if you want, you can buy all the accessories from the market outside, where you will get all the goods available at a lower price than the show room. For example, the helmet that costs Rs 2000 in this show room will be available for Rs 1050 in an outside shop. So if you want to save, then buy external accessories of the bike like helmet, seat cover, brake paddle etc. from outside shop.

Hero Company also offers finance to buy bikes or scooty. It also provides you a loan for taking a bike or scooty at a rate of interest of about 7.5% per annum.
If you want to buy a bike or scooty by giving cash, then it is necessary to have some documents for that. Documents required to buy a bike or scooty are as follows –
(1) Aadhaar Card
(2) PAN card
(3) 1 passport size photo.

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