Online Vote For General Election From Anywhere

April 23, 2019

Election in India is an important democratic process. Every adult citizen should strengthen democracy by taking part in this righteous work of democracy. Elections are held from time to time in many states in India. Elections for the Lok Sabha, Vidhan Sabha, Nagar Panchayat, Gram Panchayat are held. Many voters stay away from their native place and stay away somewhere. It is sometimes difficult for them to go home during the elections. And they remain deprived of casting votes.
The Election Commission is going to bring a special scheme for them soon so that any citizen can use their voting rights. Now the Election Commission is going to facilitate online voting for people who can not vote on election day.
There is such a plan that people who have not voted for any reason on election day, the list of those people will come online on the website of election commission on next day of election. Those who can not vote on their booth, they will go to the Election Commission’s website on the next day of the election and search their booth, then the list of all candidates will be revealed on their booth.
After that he can vote for his favorite candidate. Before voting, the voter has to give the details of his Voter ID card and number of Aadhar card details. After both the matches, you will receive a sms on the mobile number linked to the Aadhar card. The PIN number that will be. The voter will be eligible to vote only after entering the PIN number.
The online voting facility will be available for only from 8 AM to 5 PM on that day.
This plan is expected to be implemented from next year.
After this facility, any voter can exercise his right to vote even by staying away from his house.

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