Pakauda Stall Business : Investment and Profit

October 10, 2019

PM Narendra Modi has told in an interview that ‘Pakauda Stall’ is a profitable business in low investment. This statement becomes a subject of discussion. Pakauda is traditional food in India. It makes by Besan, onion, salt and oil.
There are many poor people sell pakauda on road side stall. Pakauda business starts in low investment of Rs. 3000 to 4000. If any Pakauda seller sales in a busy market then he can earn 300 to 400 per day. But is is a hard work. This business id not possible for a sophisticated person.
There are many types of Pakauda, which are famous in India. Here is list of famous Pakaudas –
(1) Besan Pakauda
(2) Onion Pakauda
(3) Potato Pakauda
(4) Brinjal Pakauda
(5) Shimla Mirch Pakauda
(6) Egg Pakauda
(7) Chiken Pakauda
(8) Fish Pakauda
(9) Palak Pakauda
(10) Paneer Pakauda
(11) Gobhi Pakauda
(12) Pulse Pakauda
(13) Mushroom Pakauda
(14) Bread Pakauda
(15) Mix Veg Pakauda

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