Play KBC Game Online Part 1

October 19, 2018

Play Online “Kaun Bane Crorpati “KBC” Game and earn Points .

1.Question for 1000 points. –
Where is capital of Telangana State?

2. Question for 2000 points. –
In which state Gir National Park is situated?

3. Question for 3000 points. –
Who is the Governor of Uttar Pradesh in 2018?

4. Question for 5000 points. –
Who won National Award for best director of film in 2018?

5. Question for 10,000 points. –
Sania Mirza is player of which sports?

6.Question for 20,000 points. –
Which of these metals was the largest produced in the Mauryan period?

7.Question for 40,000 points. –
Who is author is novel “Kalam Ka Sipahi”?

8. Question for 80,000 points. –
What is new name of Allahabad district after changing the name?

9. Question for 1,60,000 points. –
Where is the famous Raza Library for the collection of Indian miniatures?

10. Question for 3,20,000 points. –
Where did the Ombudsman organization first start?

11. Question for 6,40,000 points. –
Which Prime Minister was formerly the Foreign Minister?

12. Question for 12,50,000 points. –
Where was Chakraswamy Temple located?

13. Question for 25,00,000 points. –
Who is called the Nakhlistan or Sindh’s garden?

14. Question for 50,00,000 points. –
In which state is the Manche Barwa peak of Himalaya?

15. Question for 1,00,00,000 points. –
The fossil of Archipetris represents the origin of whose origin?

Highest point winner will get a book from publisher.

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