PM Candidate & Parties In 3rd Front For Lok Sabha Election 2019

January 21, 2019

The Lok Sabha elections in India will be announced in February / March 2019. After this, Lok Sabha elections will be held in April and May 2019. All political parties have started preparing for this election. On one hand, where the current Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been declared as the next prime ministerial candidate from the ruling NDA, on the other hand Rahul Gandhi has been declared as the Prime Ministerial candidate for the Congress-led UPA. The party which is included in the UPA at this time is as follows – Congress, RJD, JDS, NCP, DMK etc.
There are also many political parties who have formed their own coalition separately from NDA and UPA, and this coalition is known as 3rd Front. Although the main opposition of the Third Front is only NDA. The SP and the BSP started making the third front. Under which, both of them have decided to form an alliance and contest elections in UP. Later in the coalition the RLD were also included and allowed to stand their candidates for 3 Lok Sabha seats from UP.
On January 19, 2019, in Kolkata, Mamata Banerjee organized a massive rally of all opposition parties. Many senior leaders of several parties came in this rally, and the Congress also supported its rally. In this rally, the formation of a third front has been stamped in a manner.
This third front includes the following major party – TMC (Mamta Banerjee), BSP (Mayawati), SP (Akhilesh Yadav), RLD, AAP (Arvind Kejriwal), JMM (Hemant Soren), Loktantrik Janata Dal party (Sharad Yadav) etc. Apart from this, there is talk of joining many small party of North East.
Although this third front does not have any objection to the Congress, as the Congress has also said to its support for this third front. On behalf of the Third Front, two main candidates are coming out for the post of Prime Minister, one is BSP supremo Mayawati and the other is TMC chief Mamta Banerjee. The third front has given such indications that after the election, they will support the Congress-led upa or take support from same.

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