Profitable Agriculture Crop For Indian Farm

October 11, 2019

If you want earn money from your farm then you should care for profitable crop for you farm land. There are many corp which is profitable in very short term. By these corp you can earn many times more than rice and wheat. Here is list of some most profitable agriculture crop.

(1) Mushroom
(2) Pulse
(3) Cashew nut
(4) Turmeric
(5) Chili
(6) Cumin
(7) Black pepper
(9) Babycorn
(10) Cardamom
(11) Betel Leaf
(12) Lemon
(13) Sunflower
(14) Ginger
(15) Garlic
(16) Myrobalan
(17) Beans
(18) Almonds
(19) Mustard
(20) Peas

All of these crop can be produced at any where in India. These products are in demand all times.

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