Profitable Business For Village And Rural Area

October 10, 2019

India is a country of villages. 75% of the population lives here in the villages. There are many such businesses that can run in villages too, and they can also earn good profits. The cost of starting a business in the village is low, and there human resources are also available at cheap prices. In the village, business related to farming and animal husbandry is often more successful. Although in the rural areas, there is now a change in the pattern of prosperity and living conditions. Therefore, in addition to crops and animal husbandry, many other businesses are also successful in rural areas. Following is the list of successful business in rural areas.

  • Dairy farm – Good benefit from sale of milk of cow and buffalo.
  • Poultry Farm – Good benefit from sale of egg and poultry chicken.
  • Goatry Farm – Very low investment and good income from sale of goats.
  • Making Bio-Compost – Raw material for make bio-compost is dung (Gobar) which are very easy available in village. The price of bio-compost is high, while the cost of making it is very low.
  • Fertilizer, Seed, Pesticides Shop– Due to the farming work, there is always a demand for it in the village.
  • Paddy Bud Mill – Heavy demand for prepare rice from paddy. Nowadays, moving mill is also available.
  • Small Cold Storage – Small cold storage becomes very necessity for every village for save crops. You can take grant of fund from Government.
  • Tractor and Pumping set machinery repairing and part sale shop – In rural areas, tractors and pumping sets are in great quantity, which repairs and parts always demanded.
  • Deep Bore well Machine sale and part shop – Every farm requires a deep borewell for irrigation. Therefore, the demand for its equipment and parts always remains.
  • Making Papad – This business can be handle by housewives of village. Low investment, good return.
  • Making pure Ghee, Peda etc. from milk – You can make pure ghee and peda by milk which is available in cheap price in village, and sale those sweets in your nearest market.
  • Cloth Shop – Clothes are essential for every person. So, it is highly demanded always.
  • House making material shop – Sand, Bricks, Stone, Iron, Cement etc is always demanded in rural areas too.
  • Grocery Shop – Grocery shop is very necessary for each 300 houses either in village or town.
  • Dhaba – If you have land on any highway roadside then you can open a small restaurant (Dhaba).

  • Mobile Recharge Shop
  • Kitchen Pot Shop
  • Footwear Shop
  • Electric equipment sales and service shop
  • Motor Vehicle Garage
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