Question paper leak in Bihar Police Sub Inspector’s Exam

March 17, 2018

Written examination was held for the appointment of Sub-Inspector of Bihar Police in Bihar on March 11, 2018. Many examiners have alleged that the questionnaire of this examination was leaked just before the examination. Whose direct benefit came in those examiners who had already been with such mafias. Such candidates are demanding that the examination be canceled and this examination should be held again. Taking this demand, thousands of examinees of the people conducted rally in Patna on March 16, 2018. But police brutally charged a lathi on those unarmed examiners.
Several examiners were seriously injured in the police lathi charge. After the lathicharge, there was a rift over the spot. Cutting the voice of youth in a democracy through a lathi charge is not justified. Even after protests from many student organizations, the government is not hearing anything about the candidates. On the other hand, the government has said that no leak has taken place in this examination. The government claims that the results of this examination will be published by May 2018. For those candidates who pass the written examination, physical tests will be organized in month os June 2018.
It is not new to leak the examination paper in Bihar. In the year 2017, the question paper of Bihar SSC intermediate level examination was also leaked. At first the government did not believe this news as truth, but many students were examined after leaking checks after tremendous demonstrations. The name of many senior officers of Bihar SSC came out in the inquiry Then the said examination was canceled. But even after one year has passed, the examination has not yet been held.
It appears that the government job will now be able to get only the candidates with money.

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