Rest chinese apps in India after ban 59 apps

July 1, 2020

Government of India has issued an order banning 59 different Chinese mobile apps. Due to this government order, 59 apps in China on mobile or computer working in India stopped working. However, there are still many apps which are wholly or partially owned by Chinese companies. Here, the major apps which are wholly or partially owned by Chinese companies are being named and all of them are being considered for ban.
(1) Paytm – Paytm is a fund transaction related app. It has millions of users in India. Although the app was launched in India by an Indian, over a period of time, China’s flagship company Alibaba bought more than 40% shares in the company. After that, other Chinese companies have also invested heavily in it. The bulk of Paytm’s profits are going to China today.
(2) Snapdeal – It is an online shopping app. Although it was started in India. But after some time, Chinese company Alibaba has invested a considerable amount in this company.

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