Result Of Bihar Board Matric Exam 2018 Will Come On This Date

February 28, 2018

After complete the Bihar board matric exam every examinee want know that when will result come? As you people know that Bihar Board Secondary Examination ended on 27th February 2018. Approx 12 lakhs students were involved in this examination. It is not a minor matter to check the copy of 12 lakh examinees. But Bihar Education Board has taken the initiative to do this great work with a very good line. The Board’s officer told that the result of this year’s examination will be published by April 10th.
Since the announcement, lakhs of students have run the wave of happiness. Bihar Board has also said that those children who can not succeed in this examination will be able to give Supplementary Exam of Bihar board matric.
The Supplymentry exam of Bihar Board Matric exam will be conduct in May-June 2018.

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