Right to issue whip as per constitution

November 26, 2019

When a political party comes to vote in the House on any issue, a whip is issued on behalf of the party. The issuance of a whip means that all MPs or MLAs of that party will support or oppose the same fact as the directive is issued by the the party. If any MP or MLA votes against the whip issued by his party, then his membership of the house can be ended.
Many times the question arises as to who has the right to issue a whip, or who issues a whip.
According to the constitution, the party has the right to issue a whip, which is often issued by the president of the party. The leader of the MLAs or MPs in the House does not have the right to issue a whip. The legislators can remove the leader of the MPs or MLAs at any time by passing the resolution by majority.

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