Rs. 72000 Will Be Given By Congress In NYAY Scheme

March 30, 2019

Congress president has announced that after congress’s government come into the central power, Government will give Rs. 72,000 per year to every those family which income is below Rs. 12,000/- per month.
That’s mean if any family which earning member have no job in Government sector or any private sector they will be eligible for get Rs. 72,000 per year. This scheme call NYAY scheme.
This scheme is very beneficial for those family who have neither land above 2 acre nor any government job.
If any person works in any private company or government department but get Rs. below Rs. 12,000 then congress government will give rest amount by which their monthly income will reach upto 12,000 per month.
This scheme will be beneficial for daily basis labour, low salaried staff of any shop or factory, rickshaw puller, unemployed youth, asha worker, temporary job holder on contract etc.
Congress is saying that, this scheme will be get success as MNREGS scheme.
Congress said that there is no need of BPL card for get this scheme’s benefit. All family which have income below Rs, 12,000 per month, they are eligible for take benefit of this scheme.

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