Ashok Galhot to be CM And Sachin Pilot to be Dy. CM of Rajasthan 2018

December 13, 2018

The results of the Rajasthan assembly elections were cleared on December 11, 2018. According to this result, Congress emerged as the largest party. Congress won 99 seats, but it was one seat less then the majority of the figures. The BSP and other independent MLAs met this lack of full majority. After this, the name of two prominent faces came out for the post of Chief Minister in Rajasthan. The advice of MLAs and workers was heard. After this, the supervisor was told about all the advice to party president Rahul Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi called on both the claimant Ashok Galhot and Sachin Pilot for the Chief Minister’s post at his residence in Delhi. There on the 13th of December there was a buzz around the house. In the late evening, supporters of both claimants started making raptures in Rajasthan. After discussions with senior leaders, party president Rahul Gandhi decided that the new Chief Minister of Rajasthan willl be Ashok Galhot and Deputy CM will be Sachin Pilot. Ashok Galhot has twice been the Chief Minister of Rajasthan. And now the Congress party wants to see a new face in the post of Deputy Chief Minister in Rajasthan. That is why Congress has stamped the name of Sachin Pilot as Deputy Chief Minister. Both will take oath on 17th December.

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