Solve Aarushi Murder Case

February 10, 2011

India biggest murder mystery Arushi & Hemraj murder case became very puzzled for CBI. Arushi Talwar and her servant Hemraj were killed on 16th May 2008. UP police investigated this case and found that victim’s father Dr. Ramesh Talwar has murdered his own daughter and his servant. After some time case has been transferred to CBI and CBI given clean chit to Dr. Ramesh Talwar and arrested some servants. But after more time CBI found that servants are innocent. CBI can not found any strong evidence against killer but they submit the closure report in court with comment that Dr. Ramesh Talwar is main suspect in this case but there is no any proof full evidence against Dr. Talwar.

Court on 09.02.2011 ordered that case should be registered against Dr. Ramesh Talwar and Dr. Nupur Talwar as prime suspect in this murder case.

Now CBI have to solved most puzzled case again.

There are many clues that says that Dr. Talwar pair were not unknown in this murder mystery and they are trying to hide some things.

CBI should ask to Dr. Talwar pairs following questions –
(1) Why they locked Aarushi’s door daily?
(2) How is it possible that if a murderer came from outside and went after murder then main door is locked from inside?

Can you solve this case by give some clues?

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  1. Advocate Jaswant says:

    If any outsider killed Aurishi and Hemraj then why he need to lift hemraj dead body on roof and hiden by bedsheets etc?

  2. Diljinder Singh says:

    This double murder case truly is a one of the biggest unsolved mysteries.This case could have been solved had not UP police destructed 90% of the vital evidences on crime scene due to their negligence.UP police also allowed media persons to enter the house of Rajesh Talwar & many important evidences which could have helped to solve the case were thus destructed.This shows the incompetence of indian police while handling such criminal cases.One more thing that astonishes my mind is that the doctors that conducted the autopsies of the two dead were not trained enough to conduct the autopsies in such kind of criminal cases. Forensic experts should have been present at the time of any autopsy in criminal cases.Also blood soaked clothes of Aarushi were found clean when they reached the forensic labs for investigation .There are so many mistakes done by the police & CBI during investigation.Now let us try to solve this case from our point of view.Prime accuse in this case is still Dr. Rajesh Talwar.There are so many suspicious points about him that suggest him to be prime accuse.Let us discuss it one by one.First of all there is no evidence of any kind of robbery done on the night of murder of Aarushi.So the theory that any fifth person may have tried to break in the house for robbery & was caught by Aarushi, so he murdered both her is out of question.Also there are no signs of any fifth person breaking or present in the house at that night.So this murder must have committed by any person present in the house.Now who that person would be & why he or she committed it? Let us try to find.
    Reports were coming in media that there was a close relationship between domestic help Hemraj ,who was also found murdered one day later, & Aarushi.Aarushi was teenager.There are certain physical & mental changes that occur during that age.May be Hemraj took advantage of her age & developed a physical relationship with her.And when Dr. Rajesh Talwar realized it he must have felt embarrassed & very angry.Dr. Rajesh may have tried to expel Hemraj from house but Aarushi may have opposed this move.So Dr. Rajesh Talwar may have planned to murder his daughter & Hemraj to save his & his family’s face.Now look at the timing of the murder.It was done early morning. Dr. Rajesh may have been aware of it.So he got so much angry that decided to murder both of them. Also nature of injuries suggests that both murders were done using same weapon by same person.I think after murdering them , he left Aarushi in her room & dragged dead body of Hemraj to the terrace of house because there were blood spots seen on the stair according to police when they investigated the house next day & found the dead body of Hemraj following the blood spots on stair.These blood spots could be of Hemraj’s body.Now why he dragged Hemraj’s body to terrace?Becuse if he had left Hemraj in her room ,it would have become little easy for the investigators to create angle between their murder & relationship.Also it was reported in the media that Dr. Rajesh Talwar tried to influence the autopsy report of Aarushi by teling his brother,Aarushi’s uncle, to call the doctors who are going to do autopsy so that tests to find out any kind of activity done by her before her death should not be conducted during her autopsy.Also fingerprints were not lifted from the dead bodies of Aarushi & Hemraj for investigation.Not to forget blood soaked clothes of Aarushi were found clean when they were sent to forensic laboratory for the investigation. Apparently so many critical mistakes were done by the doctors & investigators during whole investigation.Had not they done it, this case could have solved much earlier.Also it seems that Dr. Rajesh Talwar tried his best to destruct the evidence of crime & he succeeded too.Anyway if there was any evidence left it was destructed by UP police during their investigation due to their negligence.Now if Dr. Rajesh Talwar is the prime accuse then why he is giving statements in the media to reopen the case.According to me he must be doing it to prove the society that he is not guilty.Why so? Think from his point of view.If you are a father & your daughter is murdered , then if you don’t fight for the justice for the murder of your daughter then you become suspicious to the society.He knows that critical evidences that can prove his crime are already destructed.So it is very hard to prove that he is guilty.Also according to police Dr. Rajesh Talwar made contradictory statements several times during his remand.It seems as if he was trying to hide something.Now even if we consider him innocent , it is almost impossible to establish that any fifth person committed both murders & what was the motivation behind murders ?
    This is my theory behind the both murders which is based on all stories that surfaced in the media about these murders.I may be wrong about it.

  3. sumi says:

    was there somthing wrong in between arushi & hemraj? was there any illegal relation between them? may be hemraj killed arushi & after that as a result of this dr. couple killed hemraj.

  4. Khushbu says:

    i like it explain Aarushi Case | Solid Indian now i am your rss reader

  5. karthiskn says:

    even film is released similar to this incident..but no evidence yet…cbi should deal with this more intelligently to explore the case and find who is to be penalised

  6. Dr. Pathak says:

    I think that this murder was done by Dr. Talwar and some one else. I think that Mrs. Talwar is innocent because she was sleeping during the murder. I think that Dr. Talwar given any high unconscious tablet to all members of family including servant and killed Arushi and Hemraj. Due to medicine effect Aarushi and Hemraj could not cry during murder. CBI should investigate also on this point.

  7. neeraj says:

    i think that dr. couples killed their daughter
    they were doctors and know how to use the surgical blade efficiently
    no other can do that with so cleanliness
    and since the were doctors they can easily dispose off that weapon along with their hospital garbage.
    CBI shuld think think over this point…
    their house was locked from inside so no one can’t enter, 4 persons were present at that night, 2 were killed, no one entered the house as no other foot marks were found, then its clear that they only killed their daughter.
    their advocate is saying that dr. talwar has passed the lie detection test, narco test and other test, but one can easily cheat them as they are only machines…and that too of made by man only….

  8. Roop says:

    This case really simple to solve. Aarushi was well loved by her parents. But because of her iquiitive teenage she developed infatuation on Hemraj who took advantage of that and had physical relationship with her. On the night of the murder The doctor would have been shocked to see his only daughter being used by the servant Hemraj in a fit of rage he would have hit them both with a blunt object(the missing and then found golf clubs)after panicking he would have killed them both with a knife in surgical precision. His wife would ave woken up ad shocked to see what had happened after initial shock and tears she would have decided to help her husband so they both would have dragged Hemrajs body to the terrace and covered it in bedsheets. I a guessing it is so for the talwars.They couldn’t believe or digest that their beloved daughter could sleep with an old servant. IT IS PLAIN AND SIMPLE HONOR KILLING in his case it was one n a fit of rage.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Yes, really interesting case… Every body politicians and media and public were quick enough to blame the UP Police for their lackadisical approach in investigating… I feel they have done their job and now the CBI is back to square one. There have been many instances which the UP police have mentioned viz. when her body was taken for funeral they gave the time of death as 1 am . How come they are so precise about it. secondly there were news that e-mails of Aarushi were deleted etc all these can be done by somebody who has full access to the house and who is educated enough to operate internet etc. In a fit of rage all this must have happened.
    But who ever the culprit they should take the moral responsibility to accept the crime and give justice to this little girl who must have been going through adolesence problems which is generally noticed in girls between 11-15 years. I fail to understand what education means to literate people. I feel sometimes slum people are better knowledgeble than literates. Parents being Doctor should have realised Aarushi’s problems and extra care should be given by mothers who have daughters to take care of them not only physically but mainly psychologically since each girl will agree what they go through during adolesence. THE BIGGEST BLUNDER OF THIS QUALIFIED DOCTOR PARENTS IS KEEPING MALE SERVANT WHEN YOU HAVE YOUNG DAUGHTER AT HOME. The guilty factor lies there itself. The parents who care about their daughter would have given a thought to all this problems.

  10. Diljinder Singh says:

    Adding to my previous comment, I would like to add some more points about this murder mystery.
    Both the murders were done by slaughtering the necks with the help of very sharp weapon which may be surgical blade or knife or something else.But the point is experts said that the precision with which both were slaughtered indicates that either it was done by a doctor or a butcher.So this may also establish that both murders were done by Dr. Rajesh Talwar.
    I would also like to discuss the role of Mrs.Rajesh Talwar in this whole episode.What could be her contribution to these murders?
    I think she didn’t commit any murder as such.She just supported her husband in committing these murders.She may have helped her husband in dragging the dead body of Hemraj to the terrace.
    Now let us discuss about some counter arguments.
    First of all, how Dr. Rajesh Talwar was able to clear Narco test if he was guilty?
    That is because there is a quite significant amount of error in the results of these tests which means a mentally tough person who may be a guilty can pass the test & not so mentally tough innocent person can fail the test.This is precisely the reason because of which Narco Test is now banned in United States of America.
    Now let us consider hypothetically for a moment that these murders were committed by a fifth person.If that’s the case then following questions arise :-
    (1)Bedroom of Dr. Rajesh Talwar is very close to that of Aarushi.So why didn’t they hear any voice while murder was committed?
    (2)Why that fifth person dragged the dead body of Hemraj to the terrace?Why would he bother to do it?
    (3)What was the motivation behind these murders?
    (4)How he was able to enter the house?There is no proof of any person breaking in the house & doors were locked from inside?
    I already explained the reason why Dr. Rajesh Talwar is demanding to reopen the case in the previous comment.
    There are just so many things that suggest that Dr. Rajesh Talwar is the guilty.That’s why the case has been reopened now with Dr. Rajesh Talwar as the prime accuse.

  11. romahp says:

    i totally agree with mr.diljinder singh. indeed there is no other logical explanation to this case than what i read above!i searched everything on the internet to support any single theory, but as it happens, the whole case was so twisted and tangled by the police!then the media reports all stated different things happening at different times!i knew that someone was trying to confuse the facts and blur the evidence!and who else could it be but the people at the centre of this case!tthe parents!really!how incompetent the police and cbi have been!

  12. advocate KD pathak says:

    Where was Dr.Talwar when the murder happened ?

  13. Gyani says:

    I really believe whatever you said is correct. But what would have you done if this thing could have happened in your family? Probably the same. Dr. Talwar has two more daughters. In your opinion, he should have liberated all his three daughters to enjoy the servants or the outsiders as well.
    In my opinion if this is the case Dr Talwar has done right and he should be saved.

    There are much bigger problems in India and the biggest is our growing population which is going to affect and already have affect in everyones life. I think we should think about that rather than this trivial case.

  14. priyanka says:

    Can I please knw what wa the reason for the murder and wHat was the iilegal connection between hemrakj and aarushi??!??

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