Solved Question Paper West Bengal Civil Service Executive (Pre) Exam 2013 Subject – GS

November 11, 2013

Here is solved question paper of General Studies of West Bengal Civil Service Executive (Pre) Exam 2013 which was held on 07-04-2013)

(1) I was alarmed………the news of my brother’s Illness
(A) In (b) At (C) of (D) ON
(2) Select the pair in the following otion, which is set in opposition
(A) Erroneous – Faulty (B) Reticent – Silent (B) Vilify – Slander (D) None of the above
(3) “To see red” Means –
(A) To begin to understand (B) To be mad with anger (C) A Narrow Escape (D) Smart And Clean
(4) Eruption means outbreak, irruption means –
(A) Bursting in (B) Equal (C) Disease (D) Evil
(5) The street is not properly –
(A) illumed (B) illumined (C) Illuminated (D) enlightened
(6) The opposite of ‘remote’ is –
(A)High (B)Less (C)Far (D)Near
(7) He is such a good Samaritan. It means
(A)He is very clever (B)He is a fool (C)Someone who tries to help people (D) He is a bad man
(8) ‘Deciduous’ tree are
(A)Tree that lose the leaves annually (B)Trees that are big (C)Trees that are short (D) Tree that are scattered
Direction :- (Q 9 to 12) Use appropriate words to fill in the blanks.
(9) The……structure of Tajmahal makes it one of the wonder of world
(A)magnanimous (B)mediocre (C)mighty (D)majestic
(10) He was penniless when the bank failed and declared himself …..
(A) insipid (B) insolent (C) innocent (D) insolvent
(11) The child proved himself… his behavior and was expelled from the school
(A)ill-bred (B)ill-advised (C)ill-treated (D)illogical
(12) A…..makes no differences between man and man spreading his love
(A)philander (B)philistine (C)philosopher (D)philanthropist
Direction :- (Q13 to 14) Choose the correct alternatives from the option to fill in the blanks
(13) They ‘laughed down’ the man means that they …..the man
(A)confined (B)laughed with (C)ridiculed and belittled (D) punished
(14) ‘Crocodile tears’ means…
(A)expression of sorrow (B)tears of animals (C)false tears (D)painful expression
Direction :- Choose the word opposite in meaning to the bold word
(15) Transparency is needed in dealing with a matter of public interest
(A)Haziness (B)Trauma (C)Turbulence (D)Transition
Direction :- Identify the correct words from the option given to make the sentence meaningful.
(16) The banquet-hall is …..decorated to celebrate the occasion
(A)slovenly (B)simply (C)lavishly (D)poorly
(17) People who don not settle down, speak the Romany language, are called –
(A) Truant (B) Vagabond (C) Gypsy (D) Wanderer
(18) A Preparation for killing insects is –
(A)parasite (B)insecticide (C)humus (D)rodent
(19) He cam of his own
(A)impulse (B)instinct (C)accord (D)indifference


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