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December 16, 2009

Utaran is in top 10 Hindi serials This is a story of Ichcha, born in the slums of a city but one who desires much more than what her destiny has in store for her. In the hope of giving her a better life, Ichcha’s mother joins a rich household as a maid.

Teena Dutta as Tapasya,

Ishita as Ichchha,

Rohit Khurana as VANSH

Vaishali Thakkar as Damini (Ichcha’s mother),

Ayub Khan as Jogi Thakur (Father of Tapasya),

Pragati Mehra as DIVYA THAKUR (Tapaya’s mother) , etc.
Show Timing- Mon – Fri 10:00 pm, Repeats on- Mon – Thurs 07.00 am, 09.30 am, 12.30 pm, 03.00 pm, 06.30 pm, 01.00 am, 03.00 am

You can watch latest episode of this serial on website.

Comments (18)

  1. sumaih says:

    i think dis serial is becomng worse it shuld be banned

  2. sumaih says:

    veer shuld only become iccha patner

  3. says:

    dear directer of utran seriel you are a flop thosands of viewers are condracting of iccha being given a weak character get her married to veer throw out tapasya it should be entertaining bring back sid in real marriages are not on forcibly done happy ending veer and iccha make her bold throw out naani. all viewers from delhi punjab and us .every body will stop watching

  4. shahnawaz says:

    dear director kindly make utran seriel lively seperate tapasya and veer unite veer and iccha personal relionenship should not effect professionally unite iccha and veer allviewers from delhi,punjab us

  5. shahnawaz says:

    dear script writer and directer this seriel has become bakwas you are saving the devil tapasya always and degrading iccha this is not good on viewers always tapasya is saved she should be punished sachai ko samenay layo iccha aur veer ko unite karo all viewers from west delhi punjab pakistan us .punish the devil what are tou showing favouring tapasya rashmi goos khilaya hai kya no awards for you directer dum layo seriel me aama ji jaisa

  6. shahnawaz says:

    we are all very upset some twist in the seriel otherwise bukwas sub sets pe aake kute gain directer ko and script writer ko unite karo iccha and veer ko

  7. Diksha says:

    Hi veer.. I lyk u so much

  8. shahnawaz says:

    utran seriel is becoming sickening .unite veer and iccha unite tapasya and sid punish sacchai ko samne lao.bad effect on young generation.vansh should remain sick treat him like a not mae a mistake of iccha getting married to vansh a drug addict bad character of iccha.make something interesting .or ban it in between.throw out nani.

  9. Bobby says:

    Uttran serial is my favriot and everyday watch on uttran. Ichcha acting are so good i fan for you.

  10. vinay says:

    face actions of tapasya are remarkable.

  11. shilpa says:

    hi…..plz change the story of utran….4 God sake veer k liye kuch achha kijiye or tapasya ko sabak sikhae…

  12. RUCHIPARNA says:

    Dear director please change your story it is becoming very boring.

  13. Juan Juan says:

    Utaran – two questions

    1) Where is the car that Veer had gifted to Ichha after engagement?

    2) What has happened to Sid? Have the police hushed up the case?

  14. nisha says:

    firstly the character is iccha is worst she can only cry. she spoil the life of two families she spoil the life of tappasya first then veer and now vansh

    secondly i heard stories that evil has an end but in this serial even no one get evil . this serial promote the evils

    earlier i have craze to watch this show but now it is going worst day by day its like a headche now.
    dear director i think veer should not accept tappasya at any cost if it is happened that spread a message bad people can achieve any thing by their good deeds and it is very bad

    at list the truth of tapassya should be opened in front of everyone once

  15. jyoti says:

    most sick serial,which only promotes VICTORY OF EVIL OVER something positive.

  16. lrmehta says:

    too complicated story,which ruined 4 person’s lives belonging to single family that also of two brothers
    pl change the track,it has become boring.there is no end to evil in the serial,what message you want to give in the name of “women oriented issues”.

  17. Raj says:

    Some time boring some time intresting, taking new turns it’s just like a passenger train journey perinially boring is the serial utraan.

  18. pooja says:

    actually v r the regular viewers of this serial in tamil version and v request u guys to make veer and iccha as pair at last hope so you guys do it ………….good luck.

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