Success Guarantee of IVF Treatment In India

April 4, 2018

Nowadays, the problem of being childless in couples is increasing. Nearly 80 million couples are battling this problem in India. Couple do many types of remedies to get children. The following are the main reasons for childlessness.
(1) Lack of sperm in men.
(2) Do not become ovule in women’s body.
(3) Dried nerves in men or women.
(4) Knotting in women’s tubes
(5) Lack of fertilization for some reason.
Due to these problems many couples can not become parents. But nowadays, there has been a solution to test tube baby for infant couple in India. Pregnancy is a complicated process through the process of test tube baby. Many IVF centers take millions of rupees from the couple for the treatment of this process. The IVF Center receives a lot of money from couples in the name of a variety of tests and medicines.But the all couple can not get child. The number of couples receiving childbirth on treatment for IVF is quite small. Women can get pregnant with IVF technology only after 4 to 6 years of continuous treatment. Due to the highly expensive treatment of IVF technology, middle classes and poor sections of the people can not avail the benefits of this facility. A woman can not be pregnant in the attempt of one or two times with IVF technology. This requires utmost patience and money. The rate of becoming a mother from IVF technology is only 10 to 12 percent.
There are very few best and reliable IVF institutes in India. Local doctors of many small towns also claim to be treated with IVF technology, but they are liars. IVF machines and techniques are quite complex and costly, and need specialist doctors for this. So do not believe on IVF treatment at a small town doctor.
Indira IVF Center has opened its center in many cities. IVF Treatment in this center is very expensive but there is no guarantee of childbirth in one or two times.

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