Syllabus Of Teacher Eligibility Test (TET)

July 25, 2018

Central Government of India has made new rule and regulation for be teacher of primary school. The National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) has prepared guide line and regulations for new recruitment of teacher for class one to class eight in Government and private schools.

Now all new teacher will be appointed in govt. and private schools after pass Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) exam. All states of India have to take TET exam of candidate before joining of teacher. Only pass candidates in TET exam would be eligible for teacher in govt. and private school.

This is compulsory for private school also. If any private school appoint any teacher without TET pass then school’s affiliations from any board will be canceled. The old teachers of Govt. and private school do not need to pass TET exam for continue their job. They will be considered as TET pass candidate if they change their school.

The TET pass certificate will be valid for three years only. After complete the three years teachers have to pass TET exam again.

All states have to follow this rule strictly. Those vacancies for teacher would be fulfilled on merit list or interview which has been came before 25th August 2010. It means that if any vacancies for teacher has announced after 25th August 2010 then candidate will not be appointed on merit list. They have to pass TET exam.

The appointment of teacher in UP would be affected by this new regulation.

TET exam will be conducted for three – three hours in two sets.

Syllabus of TET exam – General Knowledge, Creative Interest and from course of B.Ed.

The qualifying mark for pass TET exam will be set by state education department or HRD.

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