Symbiosis Question Paper And Assignments 2009-11

June 12, 2010

Symbiosis Centre For Distance Learning (SCDL) has changed the pattern of examination and question paper of assignments and main examination.

Many students of 2008-10 students said that the new pattern of assignment and main exam are harder then previous pattern. The question for 2009-2011 session of SCDL assignments are not matching with previous question paper. So the solved question papers of SCDL assignments and main exam which are available in many website are not reliable and useful.

The new pattern of SCDL assignments and exam (Session 2009-2011) is based on overall book study. The questions for session 2009-2011 has not repeated from last year question.

From the current session (2009-2011) of SCDL has changed the policy of examination. Now the assignments are of 14 question for 30 marks and main exam are of 27 question for 70 marks. SCDL has asked the question from all over the book in current session 2009-2011.

This is good system for exam conducted by SCDL. Now, if you want pass the exam and clear the assignments of any specialization of SCDL then you have to throughout read books of SCDL line by line and understand the concepts of book and subject. Without read the books and understand the concepts it is hard to clear assignments and pass the main exam of SCDL. The trick for scoring high mark in assignment and online exam is easy. Read throughout the book minimum once. After that read the book second time and note the points. This is the best way by which you can get high score in assignment and online examination of SCDL. The get high marks in assignment and online examination of SCDL without proper study of book is very difficult.

If you pass SCDL then it is equivalent of IIMs education, because approx all course materials are same for all over MBA institutes of India. So if you pass SCDl that’s mean you are equivalent than IIMs students.

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  1. swati Rameja says:

    The exam question in SCDL are not to the level. they are just taking any line of book which doesn’t seem important & question ask for that. Formation of question should be improve we r not getting an knowledge by getting degree also. It should be smart education not a bookish knowledge.

    in my view scdl should improve there academic formation like Smart Education not by changing number of question but the formation of question. It should be realistic with market situation

  2. Biren says:

    I think you are right

  3. MANISH says:

    i am just want to know that how to solve the assignment question in online because i am very nerves for that and which types of question they will gives me and how can i solve that means they will gives to me hard question or essay please halp me

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