Tiny/Kutir Business For Earn Rs. 5000/- Daily

October 10, 2019

India is a developed economy. Here, about 40 million people are associated with any business or industry. That business or plant which investment amount is less than Rs. 25 lakhs that called Tiny/Cottage/Kutir industry. The number of tiny industries in India is approximately 20 million. Due to the cottage industry in India, almost 50 million people are earning daily. Here the list of tiny industries is being given, which can earn income at least Rs. 5000 daily.
(1) Bricks Plant
(2) Moter & Machine parts shops
(3) Dalmoth and Salty Mixture Plant
(4) Furniture Making Plant
(5) Plastic Bottle/Jar Making Plant
(6) Kids wear making plant
(7) Copy Making plant
(8) Paper Recycle Plant
(9) Mustered Oil Grinding Plant
(10) Slipper Making Plant
(11) Bakery of Biscuits and Sweet Cake
(12) Non-Veg Special Restaurant
(13) Cotton/Jute Bag Making Plant
(14) Jewellery Shop
(15) Bike Shop
(16) Four Wheeler Shop
(17) Petrol Pump
(18) Gas Agency
(19) Coconut Oil Making Plant
(20) Undergarment Making Plant
(21) Medical Shop near any Hospital or Nursing Home
(22) X-ray Center
(23) Marble Cutting Plant
(24) Two Wheeler/Four Wheeler Service Center
(25) House Making Instrument Supplier

The costs of establish all of above plants are under Rs 25 Lakhs. You can take loan for these business from any bank.

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