Tips For Control Diabetes Without Medicine In 15 Days

March 14, 2018

Diabetes / blood sugar may be very dangerous if you do not control this disease. But diabetes is that disease which can be controlled by you without any medicine.

Medicine is not very effective for control diabetes. Actually no any medicine or insulin has been made till today who can cure diabetes completely. Those are for only control diabetes by generate artificial insulin. But you can generate insulin in your body by yourself and you can control diabetes by yourself.

Here is some tips for control diabetes without any medicine in just 15 days.

(1) Wake-up early morning between 4 am to 5 am.
(2) Go to outside and start walk before sunrise for minimum 2 hours.
(3) Your walking distance should be minimum 10 km.
(4) Do not take sugar, rice, potato, oil, non-veg and alcohol in your diet.
(5) If you smoke, then stop this completely.
(6) Eat simple vegetarian food in your breakfast, lunch and dinner.
(7) Do not sleep for more then six hours in 24 hours.
(8) Leave mental stress as possible.
(9) Walk for minimum 1 hour in evening or after take dinner.
(10) Do not use vehicles for short distance office or marketing etc.

If you follow these instruction then you will leave insulin and any medicine for control diabetes after 10 days only. You will start live a normal life without any weakness and disease.

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