Top 10 Industrialist of India

March 24, 2020

India is on second position of the biggest economical strength country in Asia. Only China have better position than India in view of economical strength status in Asia. India’s economical strength is based on its fast growing industries.
Here is list of India’s top 10 Industrialist which are icon of Indian Industries.
(1) Mr. Mukesh Ambani – Reliance Industries
(2) Mr. Anil Ambani – Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group (ADAG)
(3) Mr. Ratan Tata – Tata Group and Sons
(4) Mr. Subrot Rai – Sahara Group
(5) Mr. Azim Premji – Wipro Software Ltd.
(6) Mr. Rahul Bajaj – Bajaj Group
(7) Mr. Anand Mahindra – Mahindra Group
(8) Mr. Kumar Mangalam Birla – Birla Group
(9) Mr. Sunil Bharti Mittal – Bharti Airtel Ltd.
(10) Mr. K.P. Singh – DLF Housing Ltd.

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  1. I am proud of these businessmen in india.

  2. vipin menon says:

    again a great salute to this business man

  3. uddi says:

    we are great but still hav to make great innovations in world economic nd that happens through industrial devlopmnt

  4. Hemanta Bhaumik says:

    A Great salute To These Top Ten Business Man.
    And Thanks You……………..

  5. surya says:

    get ready to face me.


  6. pavan barla says:

    proud of top 10,
    but v wil be even prouder
    if dey were top philanthropist in dis world..

  7. nitin says:

    These business man are the name fame of the country
    but I will also try to come on this list

  8. hitesh jain says:

    i am glade about to choose my idiol to make my career in my life because they have done lot of hard work to rich at this position

  9. rounak agrawal says:

    this are the real owner of this world after the almighty the god
    i like to see them on the top of the world

  10. HIMANSHUDEEP says:



  11. sanket says:

    i love only business . this my future from businessman. iam love business man for vijay mallya.

  12. sanket says:

    i love only business. this my future from businessman. iam love businessman for vijay mallya

  13. Patel Hardik says:

    I love to this gretest businessman….
    I want to make this……so take care

  14. vipul kulkarni says:

    I think tata group is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. chetan savaliya says:

    i proud of all businessmen…
    i coming within 11 years…….

  16. m.yuvaraj says:

    one day i will became india’s top most business man. cool with yuva

  17. says:

    i loving so much of all busioness in india.but one day i will come also

  18. walt wittmun says:

    hey c wat im gng to do next 5 yrs.

  19. i wnt 2 b become super industralist……..

  20. garvit says:

    u wanna knw tht hu iz the leading businessman in nxt 5 years ?? so go n find GARVIT SHRIVASTAVA..!

  21. aldeenkausar says:

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  22. bhavani says:

    proud of top 10,
    and i would like them as top philanthropist also.

  23. manish mandrai says:

    I will reach this potision of the india’sthan get ready to face me in erly 10 years ok

  24. Anonymous says:

    i want most of them in top 10 of the world still proud on them.

  25. furkan says:

    it is really great for a student who thought be that

  26. Gurmid Singh says:

    We salute you.

  27. kumar gautan says:

    i am a PGDM student at taksila business school greater noida.I want to work with all these industrialist.I will try to learn from them all the key concept of business.Because my mission is to become a successful entrepreneur.

  28. hardik rathod says:

    one day my name is in top10 businessman of world

  29. shahid says:

    indian people have trust every businessman of the India ,Because they have potential to prove that He can do every thing which is need so much. I love indian Businessman

  30. deepak ingale says:

    i will become more happy if these people in worlds top ten indrustrialist.
    Because i like to remain on the top.
    I love my india.
    Proud to be an indian

  31. ali akram says:

    well most of the people on the list have made their money by indulging in unscrupulous activities. Example DLF hoard land and manipulate Real Estate prices.
    Ambani is nothing but glorified thief, his company has not paid taxes for a very long period of time …wanna know the reason …. again using corrupt politicians for making favorable policies.. now that is networking/interpersonal skills as it is required in corporate world.Have u ever wondered why their no big private refiner in india like shell,BP, Exxon Mobil,etc well all because of reliance. now that is what referred to as protecting india’s interest how absurd when his company sells fuel abroad whenever their is price hike and sells in india whenever their is fuel price reduction.
    Only two or three Businessman are worthy of praise that is NR Murthy, ratan tata, birla group.
    rest of them are bloody thieves.

  32. Manish kuklod says:

    i want a big BUSINESS man

  33. maya says:

    next three year top two business men are zakir and shoukat in mumbai

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  37. Anonymous says:

    i do agree with ali akram……… least 1% of your money contribute to poor people then u will become a great human beings otherwise its upto u

  38. zikriya says:

    i do agree with ali akram………

  39. zikriya says:

    at least contribute your one percent of money to the poor people

  40. Rahul Gupta says:

    I exactly know why we (Business and industry people)are behind other developed countries like US UK etc.

    I beg to state that kindly give me only 30 seconds of these business persons’ precious time (in person, face to face talk), and I guarantee that we shall rule the world.

  41. abhishek says:

    I will become a great businessman in the world for my india like DHERUBHAI AMBANI

  42. Shreya Rathi says:

    Indian businessmen are heading the top of the world businessmen list. Next year there will be top list in times magazine and forbes.

  43. Aamir malik says:

    I want big busindssman because i want help all poors.

  44. manjunath.m.b. says:

    wait for a while i wil also join with you
    manjunath.m.b.10th standard

  45. i know the top industrialist of india.but these days there is no chance for youngster.because there is lots of ccorruption in privatisation, particularly in delhi.

  46. Hansaraj Sarkar says:

    please post their story of success

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