Top 20 New Profitable Business During Lock Down

May 12, 2020

If you are thinking about start new business during lock down in India, then there are many business which are most demanding business in lock down. Here is list of those profitable business which can be started in lock down.

(1) Milk Dairy
(2) Grocery Shop
(3) Vegetable Shop
(4) Mobile Recharge
(5) Online Tuition
(6) Face Mask Making & Selling Shop
(7) Mobile Repairing
(8) Sanetizer Spread Contract
(9) Toilet Soap Making
(10) Liquid Soap Making
(11) Food item delivery.
(12) Medicine Shop
(13) Phenyle Making
(14) Detergent Powder Making
(15) Animal Food Shop
(16) Fruits Shop
(17) Electrical Equipment Repairing Shop
(18) Online Consultancy
(19) Online Education
(20) Online Food Class

All above businesses are allowable by Government during lock down, but it is necessary to maintain social distance and timing during business.

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