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October 18, 2011

UID (Unique Identification Database) Number is an unique number which will give to every citizen of India. UID Number will be written in a plastics card just like PAN card. In the UID Card there will all information about you be included.
The UID number will be issued by any software company which will work under UIDAI (Unique Identification Database Authority of India). Chairman of Infosys, Nandan Nilkeni is President of UIDAI. Every Indian will be lased with UID number in next 3-4 years. The process for making UID will be start from March, 2010.
The following information you will get from UID card.
(1) Real Name
(2) Real Address
(3) Real Date of Birth
(4) PAN Card Number
(5) Number of Bank Accounts
(6) Property
(7) Net Income and source of income
Many others information can be taken from UID Card.
The UID card will be must for Passport, Bank Account, Personal Information, Money Transaction more than Rs. 50,000, Govt. Tender, Fill up any form for Govt. vacancy job like UPSC etc; fill up all kind of Govt. Form, Bank loan, reservation in plane or train etc. This card will must with you when you visit any other place of India.
This UID card will be used for voter ID card, ration card, BPL card, fishing permit and all other Govt. scheme.
For make UID card following thing will be used
(1) Photo
(2) Name and Address with other information in a form
(3) Finger Prints of all of ten fingers.
(5) Eye retina scanning
This technology will give unique identification to every Indian which is not used anywhere in world even USA.

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