Untrained STET Pass will not be appointed in Schools: High Court Order

January 4, 2013

High court Patna has passed an order for stop recruitment of untrained teacher (who are not have B.Ed degree) for post of teacher in High school and +2 school in Bihar. By this order state government will publish a fresh merit list for high school teacher.
The STET exam was held in April 2012. In that exam general candidates also has appeared. But after exam a group of trained teachers has filed a case in High court for claim that only trained teachers should be appointed for teachers. Between the hearing state official could not produced the appropriate document to the court for justify the decision of recruitment of untrained teachers. The state official hide the fact in court that this decision has taken after new rule which was passed by Central government.
Actually state government does not want to give job to youths, so they show slackness in HC. Even state official did not say in HC that untrained teachers has been recruited at mass level in other states. State official also wanted loose this case.
As the result, HC has passed order in favor of untrained teachers.

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