Vacancy For Nyaya Mitra And Village Kachahari Secretary In Bihar

March 17, 2018

In Bihar state, Nyaya Mitra and village Kachahari secretaries will be appointed in April-May 2018. Panchayataraj Department has ordered all the District Magistrate to reinstate the vacant post of Village Kachari. Om Prakash Yadav, Joint Secretary, Department has directed that the vacancies will be fill up under Bihar Gram Kachahari Secretary (Recruitment, Service and Duties) Rules 2014 and Bihar Gram Kachhari Nyay Mitra (Recruitment, Service and Duties) Rules, 2007 should be organized on vacant posts.
There are 8391 Gram Panchayats and Village Kachari in the Bihar state. There are total post of Nyaya Mitra are 1596 and of 917 post for Gram Kachahari secretary. There is no reinstatement in these posts from the year 2016.
Eligibility for Nyaymitra – LLB
Eligibility for Gram Kachahari Secretary – Intermediate.
In the instructions issued by the department, it has been clarified that the tenure of such appointed Nyaya Mitra and Gram Kachahri Secretary will remain for the tenure of the present village council. The department has instructed that the assessment of the vacancy should be taken soon and its restoration work should be done soon.

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