Value And Feature Of MBA By Distance Course In India

November 6, 2015

Lakhs of students are doing MBA/PGDBA by distance learning course in India these days. But most important question is that how much valuable the degree of correspondence MBA/PGDBA in view of companies in India. The answer is nothing value has contain in correspondence MBA/PGDBA degree.
All companies throw the resume of these candidates in dustbin. All HRs of different companies believe that the value of degree of correspondence MBA/PGBDA are not more than 10% of regular MBA/ PGDBA degree. All HRs believe that MBA is not only course of study. It is a subject of practical and theoretical both. Is it possible that a student can be a doctor, engineer, CA or any other professional without regular course? In the time of recession the MBA degree holder from reputed and regular colleges are searching job of minimum entry level at low salary package then how can students of correspondence MBA hope for get a job of level of MBA. The correspondence MBA degree holder can get job of sales executive in different sector like insurance, retails, goods and service wherein salary package are very low and commission based. These jobs depend on full fill given target.
We don’t want hesitate the student of correspondence MBA/PGDBA students but we want tell right feature and prospects after do this degree. If you are working in any company and doing this course then this degree may give a chance to be get some upper position if you have good connection with your senior. Other ways no any degree is totally useless. No body can says that when and where you get a chance for a good job. Either you can not get a good post in a company but you will get preferences then a fresher graduate. If you will lucky and no any candidate of regular MBA degree holder comes for same job then you will be chosen for that job. So, we can say- Best Of Luck.

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