25 Famous Tourist Places In Rajasthan

Rajasthan is biggest state by area in India. There are many place and beautiful architect building which are famous in whole world. Here is list of 25 those famous place and name of their maker.
(1) Vijay Stambh (Chittaudgadh)- This was made by Maharana Kumbha. This tower is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. There are 9 floors of this tower. Height – 37.19 meter
(2) Adhai Din Ka Jhopra (Ajmer) – Made by Kutubuddin Ebak
(3) Anna Sagar (Ajmer) – Made by Anna Ji Chauhan
(4) Dargaah Ajmer Sharif (Ajmer) – Made by Sultan Giyasuddin
(5) Bharatpur Fort (Bharatpur) – Made by Raja Surajmal Singh
(6) Bundi Fort (Bundi) – Made by Rajanagar Singh
(7) Rani Ki Badi (Bundi) – Made by Rani Nathwati
(8) Chhtramahal (Bundi Fort, Bundi) – Made by Rani Chhtrasaal
(9) Aniruddh Mahal (Bundi Fort, Bundi) – Made by Raja Aniruddha Singh
(10) Sukh Niwas (Bundi) – Made by Raja Bishan Singh in 1773
(11) Mehargarh Fort (Jodhpur) – Made by Rao Jodha Ji inn 1459
(12) Ummed Bhawan (Jodhpur) – Made by Maharaj Ummed Singh
(13) Gagrun Fort (Jhalwad) – Made by Jhalawada State
(14) Musi Rani Ki Chhatri (Alwar) – Made by Maharaja Vinay Singh
(15) Pichhola Lake (Udaipur)
(16) Fatah Sagar (Udaipur) – Made by Maharana Fatah Singh
(17) Jai Samand (Udaipur) – Made by Maharana Jai Singh
(18) Saheliyon Ki Badi (Udaipur) – Made by Maharana Fatah Singh
(19) Diig mahal (Diig) – Made by Raja Badan Singh
(20) Junagadh Fort (Bikaner) – Made by Raja Jay Singh
(21) Kanpur Mahal (Dhaulpur) – Made by Shahjahan
(22) Jantar Mantar (Jaipur) – Made by Sawai Jay Singh
(23) Nahargadh Fort (Jaipur) – Made by Sawai Jay Singh
(24) Hawamahal (Jaipur) – Made by Maharaja Pratap Singh
(25) Kishor Sagar (Kota) – Made by Prince Dhirdeh

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