Cheapest Netbook, Acer Aspire One @ Rs. 15,000/-

Acer has presented new mini laptop named ‘Acer ASPIRE one’. This is good Netbook. Acer Computer has decreased the price of Acer Aspire One. Now it is available at Rs. 15,000/- .

If you look at the configuration of this net book you will find Intel Atom Processor, 160 GB Hard Disk, 1 GB RAM, Web Cam, Inbuilt Speaker, 8.9? Screen, 3 USB port, one data card port, port for mouse, keyboard, speaker and broadband connection, Installed Genuine Window Vista Operating System (Free), MS Office 2007 Package etc. The speed of Internet on ‘Acer Aspire One’ is good.

But there are some demerits of this netbook. Acer Aspire one became too much hot very soon. Acer claims that Aspire One have 8 hrs. battery back up, but it is not true. Th Acer Aspere One have maximum 1.20 hrs battery backup. When you will complain about its battery backup in customer care of Acer then you will get reply that Acer will replace the battery if it gives less than 1/2 hours battery backup. So, company will not entertain you on low battery backup. I have a Accer Aspire One netbook and it is my own real experience. My netbook (Acer Asipre One) is giving 1 hour battery back since day one. When I talked to customer care of Acer Aspire then the executive told me that compnay will replace the battery if it will give the 1/2 hour backup. And this offer will be for one year only. After one year you will have to purchase a new battery.

If you have sufficient power supply then you would enjoy the “Acer Aspire one”netbook.

Netbook of Asus computer gives longest battery backup. It gives more then 6 hour battery backup continuously.

Acer Aspire One netbook (Minilaptop) runs well on power. the speed of its processor this is good. There are many USB ports in this netbook by which you can connect many things at one time. The audio speaker of this netbook is week. You can not hear any thing in day on this netbook. You can download and install any latest software in this mini laptop.

All things of this netbook is just like a latest laptop. It is mini laptop. The differences between laptop and netbook are (1) the screen size of of netbook is smaller than laptop and (2) there is no any DVD player found in netbook. But you can run any file / film/software on this netbook through USB pan drive.

Many shops offer to give this netbook in below Rs. 15,000 also.

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