Actor Ajay Devgan’s Brother Anil Dewgan Died Due To Corona

Anil Devgan, younger brother of film actor Ajay Devgan, died of Corona .
On the night of 5 October, the younger brother of film actor Ajay Devgan, Anil Devgan died in a hospital due to prolonged Corona. It is reported that his Anil Devgan had been suffering from Corona and was admit in ICU. During Corona During his stay in Corona, his condition worsened and he suffered a heart attack on the night of 5 October. Due to which he died.
Anil Devgan’s body was cremated in the morning on 6 September. At his funeral, only a few people of his family were present. No general public was allowed to even know about it.
Anil Devgan was just 45 years old. He was 6 years younger than Ajay Devgan.
Anil Devgan used to direct the film. The two films Raju Chacha (2000) and Blackmail (2005) starring Ajay Devgan were directed by Anil Devgan. Apart from these two films, Anil Devgan also directed the film Haal-e-Dil (2008). He was also the creative director in movie ‘Son of Sardar’ (2012) and also in ‘Shivaay’ (2016).
It is said that Anil Devgan’s financial situation had become very bad. He did not have enough money to get his treatment done.

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