Amount offered by Tata to buy Air India in auction


The Modi government of India has decided to sell the state-owned airlines company Air India. Under this, Air India Airlines was auctioned. In this auction, only two buyers bid to buy Air India Airlines. One buyer is India’s giant company Tata Company, while the second buyer is Ajay Singh, former promoter of SpiceJet.
According to the news going on in Dalal Street, Mumbai, Tata Company made a bid of Rs 18000 crore to buy Air India, while Ajay Singh had made a bid of only Rs 600 crore. Thus Tata Company made the highest bid to buy Air India Airlines. However, the actual valuation of the government airline Air India is much higher than this. According to several finance experts, the present real value of Air India is around Rs 26,000 crore.
Air India Airlines has 127 airplanes as of August 2021. Today the market value of all Air India planes is about 55000 crores. In such a situation, selling a property worth Rs 55000 crore for just Rs 18000 crore cannot be said to be wise.


However, it is now being said that the final decision on the sale of Air India to the Tata company is yet to be taken.

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