Area And Location Of Kailaasa Country, A Small Island Of Nityanand

Nityananda, an accused in a rape case in India who has escaped from India, has announced the establishment of a Hindu nation. He named this alleged country ‘Kailaasa’. He claims that he has settled this country by purchasing a deserted island from a country called Ecuador on the continent of South America. The name of this island was nothing. Ecuador has many uninhabited small big islands on which there is nothing but stone and sand. Some rich people make their own resort on these small islands, in which those rich people come to spend their holidays. Nityananda bought a small island only when he was running his ashram in Chennai. At that time he had earned several crores of rupees. The area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis island is only 0.0165 square kilometers. Although he bought this island in the name of building a resort, but now he is trying to declare this small island a country. Nityananda has declared himself the President of this island and is demanding funds from the entire Hindu society.
According to Nityananda, the official language of this small Hindu nation is English, Sanskrit and Tamil. Although the population of this uninhabited island is zero, but Nityananda has declared all the crores of Hindus of the world as the population of this country. Nityananda does not even live in this deserted island, he has just bought this island. Such information has been received that Nityananda is living in a small city of Ecuador at this time. It is his intention that by declaring this deserted island a Hindu nation and earning a fund in its name, he can establish his ashram there.
This island is located near Isabela Island, about 1000 km from the Ecuadorian mainland. The country named ‘Kailaasa’ being claimed by Nityananda has no existence anywhere. Nityananda has also formed an imaginary government of his imaginary country, under which almost every ministry has also been conceived. He has also mentioned the flag and constitution of his imaginary country without any rights.
Its main objective is to rise funds from the Hindu people by convincing the Hindu nation. Just think, can any country become an island with an area as small as your small village or Mohalla?
If there was truth in Nityananda’s claim, he would come to India and tell people about his new purpose. It would be stupid to believe the person who is absconding accused of a rape case, by his claim of establishing a Hindu nation. Nityananda first came into the limelight when a video of him raping a Tamil film actress went viral. Such a person is claiming the establishment of a Hindu nation, it is ridiculous in itself.

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