Assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir likely to be held in March 2022

The Legislative Assembly of Jammu and Kashmir was dissolved by Governor on 21 November 2018.
On August 5, 2019, with the removal of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, the state was divided into Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh. Ladakh was made a union territory.


After two and a half years in Jammu and Kashmir, now the Indian central government is preparing to hold assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir. In this regard, the Union Home Ministry has called for a report from the state. There is a great possibility that assembly elections will be held in Jammu and Kashmir in March 2022.
As is well known, the elections to the Legislative Assembly of the states of Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Goa and Manipur are scheduled to be held in February-March 2022. Therefore, along with these four states, there is every possibility of conducting assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir as well.
Some election experts believe that, with assembly elections in 4 states, it has become a compulsion for the BJP to conduct assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir. The core organization of the BJP believes that it is very necessary to awaken the spirit of nationalism for the BJP to win elections in other states. The core members of the BJP feel that if elections are held in Jammu and Kashmir, there is a hope of increasing support in favor of the BJP in other states.


The last Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir has been Mufti Mehbooba, who has been in office as the 9th Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir from 4 April 2016 to 19 June 2018. She resigned from the post on 19 June 2018 after the BJP withdrew support to his party.

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