Bank Loan For Bike/Car/Auto/Commercial vehicles Without Income Proof

If you want loan for bike or car or auto or any commercial four wheeler without income proof, than here is best idea for get it. Bank wants to know that what is your source from where you can return the amount of loan.
So, banks check your income. The best source of check income , your return file is the best source.
But if you never filled your income tax return , but you want to take loan for bike or car, then here is some ways to get loan from any bank.


(1) You can show documents of your land. Generally bank sanctions loan on land paper.
(2) You can take loan through any guarantor who is old customer of bank. Your guarantor should have enough transaction with bank.
(3) Through Mudra Scheme you can take loan for vehicles without income proof.
(4) Many vehicles companies launches scheme for give loan on vehicles without any bank. There you can take vehicles.
(5) Many finance companies like (Bajaj Finserv, Tata Motors Finance, Mahindra Finance etc) give loan for vehicles without income proof on any good reference.
(6) If you have good transaction with your bank than you can take loan from your bank without income proof. It’s depends on bank rule.


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