Best 10 Fat Burning Indian Food/Dish (मोटापा कम करने के लिए 10 भारतीय भोजन)


Are you worry about your overweight and want to reduce it and take slim body? But don’t have time to go gym and exercise. Did you gained heavy weight on your body due to high calorie food? Don’t have you time for work out? Do you want slim body like a model?

Then here is a solution which will help to reduce your extra weight without any diet or heavy exercise. You can get slim body without exercise.

Here is list of best 10 food and dish which burns fats of body. These foods and dishes have high energy but low calories. If you take these foods and dishes for 40 days your overweight will be lost and you can get slim body in just 40 days without extra exercise.


List of Foods and Dishes
(1) Black lemon tea with black salt in early morning. (नीम्बू वाली काली नमकीन चाय)
(2) One glass of semi boiled water and one spoon honey. Mix the honey in water and drink it. (एक गिलास गर्म पानी में एक चम्मच शहद).
(3) Salted Salad without oil (बिना तेल का नमकीन सलाद)
(4) Wheat Bread and Lemon Achaar. (गेहूं की रोटी और नीम्बू का अचार)
(5) Gree Tea (हरी चाय)
(6) Dry Fried Gram with lemon juice and salt (भुने हुए चने , नीम्बू और नमक के साथ)
(7) Dry Fried Rice (भुने हुए चावल)
(8) Hot and salty Tomato Soup (गर्म व नमकीन टमाटर सूप)
(9) Bread of maize flour (मक्के की रोटी)
(10) Sattu Drink with lemon, black salt and onion. (सत्तू का घोल, निम्म्बू व प्याज के साथ)

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