Best Business Plan For Agniveer Jawans After Retirement


The BJP government has recently changed the recruitment rules of the army and implemented a new recruitment scheme, which has been named as Agniveer Yojana. In this new scheme, 25% of the total recruits in the army will be kept permanently in the army after 4 years of service and the remaining 75% jawans will be fired from the army after 4 years of service. After being expelled from the army, these retired soldiers will get about 11 lakh rupees, in which half will be from the salary of their soldiers and half will be from the government.


After retirement, the jawans can start any new business with these 11 lakh rupees and can spend the rest of their life with the help of that business. The government has also announced that the Agniveer jawans who want to start business after retirement will be given loans from the bank in an easy way and at low interest. Here information is given about some such business which can be started in 11 lakh rupees.

  • Readymade Cloth Shop
  • Restaurant
  • Transport (Bus, Truck, Dumper, JCB, Car)
  • Furniture Shop
  • Electric & Electronic Shop
  • Garage
  • Aluminium window, door frame workshop
  • Plywood doors
  • Hardware Shop
  • Goat Farm
  • Bakery
  • Ice cream factory
  • Iron grill making workshop
  • School Bag / Air Bag / Travel Bag Manufacturing Factory
  • Copy Manufacturing factory
  • Medical shop
  • Umbrella Manufacturing Factory
  • Sanitary Pad Manufacturing Factory
  • Bicycle shop
  • Cement, Iron rods Shop
  • Painting Material Shop
  • Grocery Shop
  • Kitchenware Store
  • Bathroom Fittings Pipe & Other Materials Store

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