Career And Job Prospects In Indian Film & Television Industry

Film CareerIf you are not able to get high degree in engineering ,medical science or MBA , and you love to work some creative work and want earning high income with permanent and respective career then you should join film industry of India. For a intelligent person there are lots of work available in film industries. Here is list of career option in film and television industry which you can do without any high degree of technical university.
1. Producer or Executive Producer – A producer is responsible for each and every phase of film making: pre-production, production and post-production.
2. Director – The director is responsible for create a new art with many colours on a blank canvas.
3. Script writers– The good script writers are always in demand. Any film or serial project’s first step is good script.
4. Film Editors- The head of the post production work of every movie is Film Editors. Editor has great responsibility for arrange all scene and dialogue in a same sequence. Film editors has always over load work even they charges very high fees.
5. Cameraman
– The demand of cameraman is is growing day by day. Because no any film , video, TV Programme can be shoot without a camera. And only expert camera man can operate camera as director’s choice. The cameramans are book for forthcoming 1-2 years. After do work as a assistant camera man in 2-3 film you can be a chair of senior camera man.
6. Lighting Technicians – The work of light technicians is tough but a lighting technicians never can be vacant. They take good charge for assisting the light equipment. After work experience of 3-4 years they becomes lighting equipment supplier and earns in lakhs in each film.
7. Sound Recorder– The sound recorder has responsibility for record all dialogues during the shooting of film and keep in safely in sequence. At the time of editing sound recorder helps in arranging of sound as scene requirement.
8. Dialogue Writer – If you are good in Hindi literature and you are able to write stories then there are lots of chance in Bollyood and television’s world. Because only dialogue writer can write best and impressive dialogue as scene requirement.
9. Art Director
– Art Director is head for arrange all those thing which are require for set. Art director decorates the shooting set as scene requirement. He decides of design and colour of film set for shooting. He/she prepares all set before every shooting of film.
10. Costume Designer– If you are bachelor of fashion designing then you can earn here more then any boutique. Every dresses of actor and actress are designed by costume designer.
Excluding above these job there are lot of work to do in film industry. You must know that actors and actress can be jobless in film and television industry but the technicians never became jobless here.
For above job you should do courses related to any one job. There are many colleges and institute where you can get these special course. Once you have done any one courses above the door of film and television industries will be welcome you.

Here is list of 10 best colleges and institutes of India which gives the education related to film and television technicians.
1. Film and television institute of india,Pune
2. Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute, Kolkota
3. Whistlingwoods International Institute, Mumbai
4. South India Film Institute, Chennai
5. MGR Government Film and Television Institute, Chennai
6. Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan , Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi
7. Government Film And Television Institute College Bangalore
8. Kolkata Film and Television Institute, Kolkata
9. Xavier Institute of Communications (XIC), Mumbai
10. Asian Academy of Film & TV (AAFT), Noida, UP

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