Cheap Tourist Places In India

There are many such scenic places in India where you can take advantage of tourism at a very low cost. At such places, hotel charges are also quite low. As well as the cost of catering, there are also low. The names of those delightful places are as follows.
(1) Puri (Odisha) – You can get hotel here at Rs. 300 per night stay. Scenic Spots are Chilka Lake, Beach, Sun temple etc.
(2) Leh (Kashmir) – This is India’s best tourist hill spot.This is a place to give pleasure to the mind. The hotels are found here at a very low rate, because the number of camcorders here is reduced due to excessive coldness.
(3) Gangtok (Sikkim) – Gangtok, situated on the border of India, is also a very romantic place. Here the Himalayan Mountains will be welcoming you. There are also hotels available at cheap rates, which usually start at 400.
(4) Haridwaar (Uttraakhand) – Haridwar is also a special religious place of Hindu religion, along with natural beauty. You can also visit the temples along with many mountains here. There are several Dharmshalas along with cheap hotels, where you can get rooms at a rate of Rs 100 per night. The rate of fooding in the restaurant is also very low. There are also many hill towns around Haridwar where you can go for a walk.
(5) Kashi (Uttar Pradesh) – Kashi has great importance in Hindu religion. Here is the temple of Kashi Vishwanath and the Ganga Khedare Ghat are visible. There are also many cheap hotels and hospices, in which you can find rooms at low rates.

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