Cheapest Hair Transplantation Clinic in India In Rs. 50000 Only

The hair falling in early age is very common problem today. You look older then your age due to hair loss or fall. But now you can look young after transplant of hair.

Hair transplant is done in many seating. One seating of hair transplant is of 5 to 6 hours. The hairs transplanted in bunches. There are – 7 hairs in one bunch. The process of hair transplant is painless. There is no any pain in hair weaving. No need of unconscious to patient for hair weaving.

The cost of hair weaving for one bunch is Rs. 70/-. A famous surgeon and expert of hair weaving Dr. Manoj Khannaa who weaved the hair to Harsh Bhogle, Ravi Shashtri, Yogendra Sharma and many famous person told that transplantation of hair is permanent solution of baldness. The hair after transplant became natural and it grows as like normal hair.

The fashion transplantation of hair is growing day by day. Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan, Virendra Sahwag and many famous person have done hair transplant.

There are many clinics where you can transplant your hair and you will look young again.
Now the rate of hair transplant is going down. Dr. Paul Clinic is offering Rs. 50,000 package of hair transplant. Clinic is saying that the old process of hair transplant has gone out. Not the latest technology of hair transplant is much easier and safe without any cut on head.
These clinic use the latest surgery technology for the hair transplantation which are very safety and quicker . The patient have to admit in these clinic for only 6 hours. Many of people who were suffering for hair loss they are happy after hair transplant from these clinic.
These clinic are in following town of India.
Mumbai – 4 Clinic
New Delhi – 4 Clinic
Kolkota – 2 Clinic.
Chennai- 3 Clinic
Banglore – 2 Clinic
Chandigarh – 2 Clinic
Nagpur – 1 Clinic
Patna – 1 Clinic
Raipur- 1 Clinic
Ahamdabad – 2 Clinic
Kanpur- 1 Clinic
Noida- 1 Clinic
Thiruanantpuram – 1 Clinic
Indore- 1 Clinic
Jaipur- 2 Clinic

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