Cheapest Insurance Plan @Rs. 499/Yr. For Old Bike/Scooty

If you have 5 year or more old bike or scooter, and you have don’t have insurance for your vehicles, then you should have up date your vehicles insurance. There are many plans for bike/scooter insurance renewal plan. If your bike’s insurance plan has expired than you have to take insurance for 3rd Party claim minimum.
In this, you will not get compensation if your vehicle is stolen or stolen. During vehicle checking, the police only checks whether your vehicle has 3rd party insurance related documents or not. Therefore, if the period of insurance of your vehicle has expired much earlier, then you do not need to renew it from the expired period.
On the day you get your vehicle insurance updated, you will have to take insurance from the same date to the next time. That is, there is no need to update the insurance from the back date. In this way, many auto insurance companies re-insure old two-wheelers at a very low premium.
Some insurance companies renew the insurance of old vehicles whose insurance has expired, in just Rs. 499. This is valid for next one year.
You can apply online for take insurance without inspection of vehicles.


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